NEWS – 2019


Gulfood 2019 Expo,
World Trade Centre, Dubai

17-21 February 2019
Melipoly participated in the Gulfood 2019
international food expo together with the
Malaysia MATRADE trade delegation to begin
exploring and developing the export potential of
our products.


Uni of Shizuoka visit to Melipoly
and MGI

Visit by Professor Shinegori Kumazawa of the
University of Shizuoka to MGI and Melipoly to
discuss a research collaboration on propolis.


MESTECC visit to MGI
Launch of National Science
Facility and Equipment
(NSFE) Sharing Initiative

11 April 2019
Launch of the NSFE initiative at MGI, by
MESTECC Deputy Minister YB Puan Isnaraissah
Munirah Majilis.