Do you have an amazing product? Could pairing it with honey create something even more exciting or something with even more buzz?

Honey is an amazing, versatile and delicious superfood with an even more fascinating backstory. Even better, honey has the unique advantage of having its branding as a highly desirable delicacy established since ancient times. No one needs to tell you honey is good, you already know it’s good.

This combination of qualities makes honey a great branding and positioning statement, by itself or in combination with another great product.

If you’ve got a product that you’d like to pair with honey, or that you think has branding and marketing synergies with our brand image and values, come speak with us!

Like our honey and think you can sell it through your own channels, or even bring it to another market?
Come speak with us, we’ll be happy to have an chat!

Malaysian honeys are relatively new but are extremely distinctive and of excellent quality.

Our stingless bee honey in particular is immediately distinctive and memorable, which makes for a strong USP in itself.

We’re keen to work with trusted and committed partners who can appreciate the quality of the product and who share common values to introduce these amazing honeys to the world. We’re in this for the long run and look towards building strong, lasting working relationships with our partners.

Whether you’d like to sell our honey as an agent, or become a distributor in a new market, we’d love to have a chat.

Building your own health food brand and want to add a unique honey to your product lineup, but not sure how to get that going? We can help.

We are able to supply and provide properly-certified Private Label (’OEM’) honey bottling, packaging and contract manufacturing services (HACCP / GMP / Halal) for the local and export markets, subject to all relevant local or international regulations.

Leave the back end support to us while you focus on your brand building. Do contact us for details.

Honey has long been recognised as a ‘superfood’ for its many beneficial properties, and is known to work well with many other foods with complementary nutritive and health benefits.

Honey is highly versatile: it can be consumed directly, or combined with other ingredients for compound benefits. Honey also has useful external applications, such as for treatment of minor external wounds, and for skincare.

Even today, scientific research is continuing to discover many new and exciting nutritional and potentially medical properties of honey.

We are constantly on the lookout for new products that would work well with our honey. Come speak with us if you’d like to develop a product.

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