Customer Testimonials

S. Ing, Singapore

“I always love honey as it provides my sugar fix in a natural way. What’s more that I am always told by health labels and promoters that honey is beneficial to health and helps me with my sore throat. Hence I have been taking Manuka honey for a long time and giving to my son as well. To be honest, none of the health benefits was actually experienced by me or my 5 year old son but we continue taking it since we have sweet teeth and maybe I was hoping there could be hidden benefits somehow. I would also try any other honey claiming to be pure honey but actually they taste more or less the same like a sugary drink.

By chance, a friend I make introduced me to Melipoly’s stingless bee honey. It actually tastes a little sourish. Interestingly the taste of this honey is really refreshing much unlike the usual honey I have been taking. After taking it, I find myself passing out gas and having a much easier time in my bowel movement. It is like a pleasant detox effect! Strangely my hubby who tends to have lose stools easily did not end up in diarrhea after taking the honey. Instead his bowels becomes more regulated. My needless to say also benefited similarly.

I further tried Melipoly’s Apis Cerana and Multifloral honey with the same effects! Hence I discover to my delight I have found a very pure form of honey in the market and at affordable prices! I still enjoy testing and trying other honeys especially at food fairs but to date I have yet to find the same quality as Melipoly’s honey. It is still the best quality and value for my buck!