KUALA LUMPUR, 31 OCT 2017 Melipoly, a Malaysian apiculture and meliponiculture enterprise specialising in pure, Malaysian rainforest honey, participated in the Let’s Go, Health! health food exhibition held at the Mid-Valley Exhibition Centre from 27th-29th October 2017.

The highlight of the event was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Melipoly and the Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI), one of Malaysia’s most advanced research laboratories under the purview of the National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM), to kickstart a research collaboration into tropical honeys. The research programme will focus on the study of improved honey authentication methods, biomedical properties of honey, and potential biotech applications.

Let’s Go, Health! Health Food Exhibition - Melipoly - Organic and Pure Honey Supplier

Photo right, from left to right: Dr. Effirul Ikhwan Ramlan, Research Director, Malaysia Genome Institute; Mr. Kok E-Cheng and Mr. Almond Siah, Executive Directors, Melipoly; Mr. Clifford Tan, R&D Director, Melipoly; Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan, CEO, MOCC Berhad.

Melipoly R&D Director Mr. Clifford Tan’s keynote address laid out Melipoly’s commitment to producing pure, Malaysian rainforest honey using natural beekeeping methods. He reiterated the company’s commitment to maintaining quality by regularly undergoing voluntary product testing and certification by both local and international testing institutes. Mr. Tan also outlined Melipoly’s ongoing public education and community outreach programmes, which are intended to promote bee and nature conservation awareness, and to counter misinformation about bees and honey. In particular, he highlighted Melipoly’s “Bee Pollination Awareness” early education edutainment programme, which introduces the importance of bees and conveys the message of conservation in a simple and entertaining format tailored for children.

The Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI) and NIBM were represented by MGI Research Director Dr. Effirul Ikhwan Ramlan. Dr. Effirul introduced the advanced research capabilities and research programmes at MGI, including the development of improved honey authentication methods and services that are not only more effective but also more accessible to the general public.

The MOU signing ceremony was graced by the attendance of Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan, CEO of MOCC Berhad and special advisor to Melipoly, who provided his insights and observations into how the strategic use of equity capital fundraising methods as well as the judicious deployment of business capital has enabled the company to remain debt-free even while growing.

The strategic collaboration between Melipoly and MGI is expected to contribute to developing better practices in the Malaysian beekeeping industry, to help counter widespread honey adulteration, and to improve product quality, with direct benefits to both producers and consumers.

In conjunction with International Children’s Day and as a finale to Melipoly’s first “Bee Pollination Awareness” outreach programme, the company also organised a bee-themed children’s colouring competition to celebrate the official launch of the company’s mascots, ‘Melly’ and ‘Polly’. Melly and Polly, respectively, represent the stingless bees and the honey bees of Malaysia. They have been created as friendly, imageable and relatable characters in order to help communicate the message of bee and nature conservation more effectively to children.

The attendance of the children and their families, together with the presence of the ‘Melly’ and ‘Polly mascots, helped create a fun and festive carnival atmosphere for the event.

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